About us

Virtual Brains - proud part of Bublar Group.

We as a game studio take pride in being a powerhouse of talents where creativity thrives. Technology is used to tell stories in new ways and to build games that let people move and have fun at the same time. Virtual Brains develops and publishes own games as well as well known brands like Sanrio’s Hello Kitty.

The studio develops mobile Real World Games (RWG). RWG:s are augmented reality games, often in the genre location-based AR, where the gameplay scene is located in a virtual layer covering the planet, a virtual playground based on the real world. Virtual Brains boldly builds games in this fairly new genre,
with huge potential.

We support an active lifestyle in a world where people are facing less physical activity. We contribute to creating healthier generations, based on a vision that our real-world games are both fun to play and will make people move as well as stay active at the same time.

At Virtual Brains we take pride in thinking differently, measuring our success not only in downloads and in-app-purchases (IAPs), but also in the way we make people move. Bublar Group will continue to build games and create other products that contribute to healthy generations.

Currently, Virtual Brains is developing two amazing games in parallel,
Otherworld Heroes and Hello Kitty AR: Kawaii World.

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